O’Brian Harveyland Limited, a wholly owned and operated Nigerian company has since inception engaged in sourcing of high quality raw

materials to the Cosmetics
Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Paint and Ink Industries, before it graduated to the production of Wall

Coating paints, e.g. emulsion, texcoat, and gloss.

We now specialize in the
exportation of Nigerian Grown agricultural raw materials to various countries in the world, such as Japan,

Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey. We
export Dry Ginger,  Dry Turmeric, Cloves, Hibiscus Flower, Soya Beans, Sesemi Seed, Coffee Arabica,

Coffee Roboster, Chilly Pepper, Shear Nut, Shear
Butter, Gum Arabic, Mellon, Yellow Corn, Dry Bitter Leave, Alligator Pepper, bitter Cola, etc.

We also supply various International companies based in Nigerian.


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